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Kéyoh – HeartBeat Radio

Kéyoh was born and raised in Yerevan (Armenia). As a young child she followed singing, dancing and piano lessons.
At the age of 12 Kéyoh’s parents moved to Belgium with their family.

Kéyoh studied to become a nurse but music stayed her biggest passion. She started writing songs and chasing her dream: become a successful artist.
Kéyoh won Belgians competitions and was discovered by record producers and managers. As a model she became the face for many big campaigns of Dutch and Belgian brands and travels a lot to the U.S.

4 of her songs were recorded with Guy Waku (Ophélie Winter, G Squad, Nelly, …) as a producer. A first single (“K.O. Love”) was released, together with a video clip, and became a Belgian summer hit in 2013.
2014 was a year of writing more songs, travel to different countries to meet the right producers.
Her single “Shining Star” came out in 2014.
2015 was the year she released « Gotta be you ». Same year she won a radio MUSIC AWARD in Armenia and was also the performing act of that evening.

Kéyoh co-wrote more songs with some of Germany’s top writersand plans to do more of those sessions in order to get the best album possible.
Her new single is produced by Criss Tonino (producer of a.o. Chris Moutas, Sarah Connor (the n° 1 hit “From Sarah With Love”) & successful remixer for a.o. Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland, Tweet feat. Missy Elliott and Boy George).

Right now she is proud to work with the team of « This is Y ». Her brand new single « HEARTbeatRadio » will be released beginning of 2016 by the amazing team of « This is Y » she working now on finishing her long waited Album.

SubraMania presents the best of Contemporary World music with vocalist Bindu Subramaniam and violinist Ambi Subramaniam. Contemporary music with an Indian aesthetic, it is soul stirring, melodic and virtuosic!

Both Bindu and Ambi are established solo performers in their own right, with awards, hundreds of stage performances and multiple albums to their credit. They decided to create SubraMania, to create a new voice for contemporary world music.

Please enjoy their new video clip : « Days in the Sun »

This autumn violin genius Roby Lakatos is back with an extraordinary new album.
For the first time our beloved Gypsy Maestro recorded a masterpiece from the classical repertoire: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.
In a highly personal vision of this universally acclaimed baroque masterpiece, Roby mixes the solo part with improvisations featuring his mighty arsenal of fiddle showmanship.
The remainder of the program consists of Alpha and Omega, conceived as a prelude and a postlude to the Four Seasons. Tailor made by his long time musical partner, Hungarian composer Kálmán Cséki Sr, Alpha is an extravagant musical journey starting with the big bang, travelling through the elements and reaching the Baroque era. The postlude, Omega, immediately follows Vivaldi’s Winter. It is an evocation of the Apocalypse, with drums, electric guitar, violin, vibraphone, synthesizer, …
For this unique project Roby Lakatos surrounded himself with rising star countertenor Dominique Corbiau, internationally acclaimed percussionist Gabriel Laufer and the ever-amazing cymbalist Jenő Lisztes, replacing the harpsichord in the 4 Seasons.
At the core of the album you will find the Brussels Chamber Orchestra, one of Belgium’s most cherished string ensembles, and of course Roby´s own legendary ensemble.
All in all, this album is an ode to life, love, spirituality and musical creativity.

Since the end of the Second World War, Yiddish culture has been gradually on a decline. Those people who were able to experience the golden age of Yiddish theatre and music firsthand are now, unfortunately, largely gone. The new generation of singers does not compare with those writers, artists and performers who drew from their own personal experiences to produce works infused with a tremendous richness.

However one jewel remains: Myriam Fuks. Born into a family of Yiddish singers with whom she toured since childhood, Myriam’s performances fill her audiences with awe. She delivers every musical phrase with a naturalness and intimacy that otherwise seems to have been lost forever. What Myriam offers is simply the fruit of a life spent immersed in Yiddish culture. Yiddish — her mother tongue — is her way of life. Her life has been a voyage, often alone, but with a myriad of memories, jokes, suffering, and joy … in short, A Life. And her music reflects the depth of her

After a decade of absence these unique works, now completely remastered from the original recordings, are once again available. avanticlassic is particularly proud to present this entirely new selection of 18 songs. And for the first time, Myriam has allowed the lyrics — most of which have been handed down orally — and translations of each song to be published together with the CD. The disc also includes the first ever recording by the now internationally acclaimed violinist, Roby Lakatos, then only 16 years old as well as 2 bonus tracks, one of them previously unreleased. All in all, this disc is a unique tribute to the Yiddish culture, performed by the leading contemporary Yiddish vocalist, and including absolute gems like Yiddishe Mama, Papierossen, Belz, Yankele and
many more.

Download the press release now !


A tous les amoureux de la chaleur :

A partir du jeudi 7 février 2013 le Marché aux Vins vous ouvrira ses portes toutes les semaines avec du tango !
Pour les amateurs, vous aurez la possibilité d’apprendre les bases de cette danse provenant d’Argentine avec un professeur confirmé et pour ceux qui seraient trop timides vous aurez le choix de déguster les merveilleux vins du bar, tout en les écoutant !

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