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International Artist Management and Production

Managing the careers of highest soloists, ensemble and orchestra but also artist painters. Since the beginning MSHManagement develops and manages new projects with professionalism and truthfulness that each artist can share his Art with integrity and passion. MSHManagement is a young team of Artist Managers energetics with innovations, new ideas and using all the new technologies as the digital media to promote our artists. They are also travelling with each artist to make sure that they get the best comfort during their tour.


The Team

<br>Melanie Seha

Melanie Seha


About Melanie

Graduated in Art History and Management at the Brussels University. The biggest strengths is the communication skills and socialize with people to create new contacts. Trilingual in French, English and Croatian. Always proactive, rigorous, comely and passionate.

<br>Elena Cherkashyna

Elena Cherkashyna


About Elena

Studied Marketing, Event Management and International Business in Ukraine, Belgium and USA. Exellent analytical as well as communication skills. Fluent in English, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian, working knowledge of French. Talent for working with people from different countries and backgrounds. Lives in New York.

What we do


Managing and representing artists all around the world (USA, Asia, Europe…) our watchword is collaboration with each actor in the world of our artist, especially with the producer who is one of the most important people in the music business. We will always collaborate together to make sure we will get the best masterpiece to promote and sell.


Outside the management we are also working for different projects like concert production, non-benefits events, and the last but not least our own Festival. This project of a Festival came from one of our artist who always wanted invite all his musicians’ friends from all around the world to having fun with each of them on stage.

European Young Talent

Since a year, a new project came through with the European School of Brussels. The EEB4 has Got Talent. We are working with the young most talented students from the school and each year the best of them are showing their talent on stage. We are following and coaching them during the year and that they can be prepared to the real life.